E-Book: 7 Tips for Attracting & Hiring Gen


This eBook sets out to help you more easily attract and hire Gen Z job seekers, with a big focus on ‘attracting’. We hope to arm you with strategies that you can start using immediately.
The first five tips in this eBook will help you attract Gen Z talent. We emphasise using social media and video to get your job seen and heard, with recommendations on the type of content that will resonate with Gen Z job seekers.
There are two further tips on improving and streamlining your hiring process in a way that benefits both you as an employer and your candidates. These will help you reduce costs and improve the quality of hire.
There are a few statistics included to support various points but we haven’t gone too crazy (at least we hope not!). The articles, surveys and research reports that support the recommendations are referenced at the back of the eBook for your information and further reading. 
Our aim is to give you a massive head start over your competition when it comes to attracting and hiring Gen Z talent. We hope you find it valuable.

Damian Williams
Founder of C-Me

Gen Z, Millenials & Zillenials

Generation Z was born between 1997 and 2012, joining the workforce from around 2015. Approximately half of Gen Z is already of working age and within a few years they will form the largest section of the workforce. 

Many organisations are realising they need to adjust their hiring approach to cater for this new younger generation. This is more evident than ever before in the retail and hospitality sectors where Gen Z talent already forms such a large section of the workforce.

Millennials (Gen Y) joined the workforce 15 years earlier, at the start of the millennia. Whereas Gen Z are digital natives, having grown up with social media, Millenials have adapted.

Zillennials are in-between, too old to regard themselves as Gen Z, and too young to be labelled a Millennial. Much of what is included in this eBook can be applied to Zillenials, and Millennials too with a few adjustments to what is recommended in Tip 4.

7 Takeaways

  1. Market your jobs on social media to reach more Gen Z candidates. You will also be getting in front of passive talent who aren’t actively looking but may like the sound of your job and decide to apply.
  1. Grab attention with job posts that look good, especially on mobile devices where most Gen Z job seekers are searching.
  1. Add personality, vibe and colour by converting your job post into a video job post. Get more exposure on social media and boost engagement with Gen Z. With 70% video watch rates, this is a great way for business owners and hiring managers to pitch their job directly to candidates.
  1. Address the interests and concerns of Gen Z when marketing your job. Involve current employees wherever possible. This is easily done in a video and will have a positive effect on your application rates.
  1. Ensure your job is listed on GoogleJobs. Google is the Goliath of search and it’s free. It’s essential that your jobs are included here if you want to attract Gen Z job seekers
  1. Gen Z is very comfortable with video and is happy to apply to your job via video. Using video interviews shows your brand to be tech-savvy and cutting edge whilst streamlining the hiring process for you too – it’s a win-win.
  1. Respond quickly to applicants whether you are inviting them to an interview or rejecting them. Gen Z doesn’t like to be ghosted, so avoid risking getting a bad reputation by doing this.

11 Reasons to use C-Me to attract & hire Gen Z 

We hope you found this eBook useful. Extend your hiring processes with C-Me to attract more Gen Z candidates and save time interviewing. 

  1. Video Job Posts – Create job posts (with or without video) that look great on desktops or mobile devices. Include your company bio, logo and branding, plus links to your website and social media platforms. Check out these examples for Retail and Hospitality.
  1. Video Library – Record engaging Gen Z focused video content with C-Me job marketing prompts.
  1. Video Animation – Combine videos, add branded animations and custom call to action texts to give your video a professional finish.
  1. Free listings with GoogleJobs – C-Me automatically lists your jobs with GoogleJobs. All the technical indexing and schema mark-up is carried out for you.
  1. One-click share – Share your job post on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with one click. Copy live URL links or download videos for posting on Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat and other platforms.
  1. Job Seeker Engagement Tracker – Track the performance of your Video Job Posts in real-time. See the number of views, video watch rates and viewing times.
  1. Video Interviews – Let candidates apply with video to add personality to their skills and experience and streamline your hiring. Set virtual interview questions to evaluate applicants. 
  1. Collaboration tools & hiring workflow – Collaborate with a team to identify the best applicants. Share candidate notes and ratings. Manage your applicants through a hiring workflow.
  1. Auto-notifications – Notify applicants promptly and professionally. Use standardised messages pre-populated with job and applicant information and sent automatically.
  1. Mobile Responsive – C-Me is mobile responsive. Transfer from computer to mobile device and back again without losing track of your hiring activities. Just pick up from where you left off.
  1. Integrations – Manage the whole hiring process in C-Me, re-direct applicants from video job posts to your own job application pages, or transfer the video interviews to applications supported by Zapier.

Document References

  • Gen Z spend 4.5 hours per day on social media (Ypulse)
  • Gen Z’s preference for flexible working (Deloitte)
  • 79% of job seekers likely to use social media in their job search (Glassdoor)
  • Gen Z’s attention span is 8 seconds (Oberlo)
  • GoogleJobs Technical Guide (Google)

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