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Video Job Post Template

Create a branded Video Job Post in less than 10 minutes using the latest C-Me video job post template. Video job posting made easy.

Stand out on social media

Bring your jobs to life with video. Get 10X exposure and broaden your appeal to Gen Z/Y job seekers.

Create branded animated videos in C-Me or use your existing video content.

Free GoogleForJobs listing

C-Me Video Job Posts are fully optimised for job search engines and you get an extra video SEO boost.

Increase exposure and visibility for your vacant positions.

No change to your ATS

Re-direct candidates to your job application page (zero impact on your hiring system) or use the applicant tracking workflow in C-Me.

‍Track the performance of your Video Job Post in real-time.

Why C-Me Video Job Posts?

Stand out on social media. Reach and engage a wider audience. Get more views and applications.


Engaging shareable


Job search engine


Higher application


No change
to your ATS

How it works

Create a video job post


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Video job posts reach more applicants and increase the ‘apply’ rate

Video job posts are the future of recruitment marketing. They raise your company’s profile and help you hire better candidates faster since they are seen by thousands of people daily. Video gets 10X more views on social media. So video job ads will attract much more interest, leading to many more applicants.

Video job posts engage job seekers

Video job posts help you engage a wider audience and attract more applicants. A video job post will be watched by up to 70% of job seekers resulting in engagement rates that are 8X higher than traditional text job ads. According to recent research, adding a video can increase your application rates fivefold.

Video job posts modernize your hiring process

Video job posts are an excellent way to demonstrate that you are a modern brand. It’s a great opportunity to improve your employer branding. Through high-quality hiring videos, your company is communicating to job seekers that you are innovative and tech-savvy.
Video job posts not only modernize your hiring process, but also increase your company’s visibility to talent, and automate job search engine listings.

Make your job ad stand out from the crowd

With so many companies posting jobs across all platforms, it’s crucial to make sure your job ad stands out. Adding a video is the best way to do this since social media platforms promote video content above everything else. Simply adding a video to your job post will increase your job post-exposure massively. Nowadays, people are monitoring their feeds on social media, and may already be considering a new job opportunity. Including a video in a job post helps businesses also increases their exposure to passive talent who aren’t even looking at jobs but could be attracted to your job ad when they see it on social media.

Gen Z prefers video job posts

Gen Z and millennials are far more likely to view and engage with social media posts that include video. If you want to attract Gen Z job seekers then a video job post is the way to go. C-Me makes creating a video job post that appeals to Gen Z very easy, with modern designs, animations, and ideas for inspiring job seekers to apply to your company.

Appealing to the younger generation should be part of every company’s hiring strategy. You will attract Gen Z talent who have grown up using modern gadgets and who are consuming video content on social media daily. Grab Generation Z’s attention with video. 

Show personality and highlight your company’s values

Video job posts provide an inside look at the people who run the company, as well as a window into the daily lives of employees. They show the workplace, provide insights into a day in the life of an employee, and provide an authentic picture of your company’s culture, work environment, people, mission, and core values. All of these are touchpoints that a traditional text job ad will miss. A video job ad brings personality and emotion to your company and job opportunity, that makes someone want to be a part of your story.

Boost your social recruiting using video

Our platform makes creating and sharing a video job post easy. There are prompts to help you market your business and job, as well as prompts to create employee generated content and content that will engage Gen Z candidates. You can combine short video segments together and add branded opening and closing animations so that your video job post looks professional. Create a video job post in under 10 minutes. With one click you can share your video job post on social media platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Start converting job seekers to applicants with a C-Me Video Job Post today.

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