Save time hiring with
Video Interviews

Build stronger shortlists


Why Video Interviews?

Video interviews let applicants show you their personality as well as their experience. You save time screening and build stronger shortlists.

Modernise your hiring

Let candidates add personality to their skills and experience using the C-Me virtual interviewing platform. 

Modernise your hiring processes for Gen Z and millennials.

Save time interviewing

View 30 video applications in 30 minutes. 

Streamline your hiring processes with the C-Me video interviewing platform.

Collaborate with your team

Share applicant notes and ratings with members of your hiring team. 

Build stronger shortlists together.

Why C-Me Video Interviews?

C-Me is built on video technology foundations that support digital hiring processes for modern day recruitment.


Bring job
applications to life


Save time


Collaborate with
your team


Build stronger

How it works

Watch video applications at your desk or on the move.


Collaborate with colleagues to
create stronger shortlists.


Manage applicants through a hiring workflow.

C-Me Video Interviewing Technology

Using a video interview solution is a great way of assessing applicants faster. This recruitment solution is increasingly being used by execs, hiring managers and recruiters to streamline company hiring processes. Not only do hiring managers and HR managers benefit from video interviews, but so do candidates, especially Gen Z candidates. Applicants that use this modern software will see your company as being innovative and forward-thinking, something that Gen Z and Millenials look for in a business.

HR managers, execs and founders can use the C-Me video interview platform to upgrade and modernize their recruitment procedures, making them faster, more efficient and more candidate-friendly. Video interviewing software helps you save time interviewing and make better candidate selections when shortlisting. In summary, using our video hiring software is the easiest easy to streamline your hiring workflow whilst improving the applicant’s experience and your recruiting decisions at the same time. 

Benefits of Video Interviewing Software

Employers can rapidly screen a large number of candidates and therefore dedicate more time to the best applicants thanks to our video interviewing platform. Recruiting teams and hiring managers can use one-way video interviews as a pre-employment screening tool to speed up the interview process. Video interviewing software has significant advantages, including:

  • Screen applicants faster 
  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Standardize the interview process
  • Eliminate interview scheduling challenges
  • Gain more insight into job applicants in less time
  • Reduce bias in candidate assessment and hiring process
  • Ensure a better candidate experience

Save time and make smarter hiring decisions with pre-recorded interviews

When analyzing applicants, video screening is far more efficient than phone calls, resulting in higher-quality hiring. Companies can assess more applications with video interviewing software and thereby avoid missing potentially great candidates because of a lack of time. You can set interview questions for your candidates to answer with pre-recorded videos and quickly decide which are the best.

Moreover, companies can continue to interview and recruit talent when in-person meetings are not easy to organise. Businesses can also discover high performing talent worldwide. Virtual interviews are a fantastic way to move candidates through the recruitment process faster. Video interviews are continuing to evolve and become a standard part of the modern recruitment process.

By using video interviewing software, you no longer need to schedule interviews or phone conversations in your calendar. Candidates can record a video of their answers whenever they have the available time. In a pre-recorded video interview, you give candidates the maximum flexibility to answer your questions on their own time. And you can also review the recorded answers at your convenience thereby making the process much quicker than scheduled online interviews.

All-in-one video hiring solution

Video-first platform C-Me includes an all-in-one hiring solution. You can create a video job post on our app to further improve candidate experience by explaining the role, job responsibilities, including employee generated content, and answering any questions they may have about the company. As recruitment marketing embraces video, it is fast becoming the most effective way to attract qualified young talent.

Connect our video interviewing platform to your ATS

You can integrate the C-Me video interview app into your existing processes without having to change your workflow. Our video interviewing software can connect directly to your applicant tracking system (ATS), making the hiring process even more efficient. Redirect applicants directly to your ATS from the job post, or transfer video interviews after they have applied in C-Me.

Make smarter and faster hiring decisions with C-Me video interviewing!

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