Sample Video CVs to help you get started...

Claire Evans

Retail Sales Assistant

Customer relations

Hitting targets


Positive attitude


Looking for
Retail sales position for a high street fashion brand with sustainable practices

Nadim Abara

Production Manager
North London

Talent management




Passion for music

Looking for
Venue manager position at London music venue

Victoria Nowak

Graphic Designer

Graphic design

Highly creative

Presentation skills


Looking for
Graphic design internship at top London agency

Professional video resume samples

Make an online video resume and use it to your own advantage in a few easy steps. You don’t have to be a pro-editor to create a video resume – just watch the C-Me video CV samples for inspiration. By watching the video resume samples you will see how easy it is to design your own unique personal presentation so you stand out against other candidates.

What Kind of Video CV Examples Are Better?

Pick the video CV sample closest to the industry you work or want to work in. For instance, there are video resume examples for retail, hospitality, marketing and more.

There is also a video resume tutorial that you can use once you have signed up to the C-Me video CV app. Once you have logged in there are also more visual CV samples to inspire you.

How to Make a Video Resume: Quick Tips

Write a short script for your video CV. Say who you are, what you do, and why you would be a great hire. Focus on your achievements rather than responsibilities.

It doesn’t need to include all your career accomplishments, because it is an add-on to your current resume. Wrap up professionally. Be succinct and keep it under a minute. Read our blog for more information on what to say in your video CV.

Now you can start creating your video resume. Making the first demo with the video resume builder will allow you to see yourself so you can spot any mistakes you make. After you record the trial video with the visual resume app C-Me you can watch it and review it. How do you sound? Do you like how it looks? Write down any errors you spot.

You can watch other video CV samples for inspiration and create new copies with the video CV maker. If it is the first time you’re working with the C-Me app then you may need a few attempts before you get the video you like. That’s fine because you’re free to experiment making your own video CV examples.

More tips for you after viewing the video resume examples

Once you have created your script follow the tips below to ensure a high quality recording:

  • Background – A white or coloured wall provides a great background. Avoid windows and unnecessary objects in view. Recording during the day is best, but avoid direct sunlight. Minimise any background noise.
  • Clothing – Dress as you would for a face to face interview. Check your clothing works against the background.
  • Camera – Record head & shoulders, waist up, or go for the weather reader look (standing to one side). For close-ups have the camera set at your hairline, angled slightly down towards your eyes (avoids the nostrils). Turn off other apps using the camera before recording (like zoom).
  • Smile – Body language is important throughout. It’s good to smile at the start and end.
  • Pace – Take a few deep breaths before you start. It helps get the pace right.
  • Feedback – Don’t expect it to be perfect the first time. Practice. Feedback from family and friends can really help.

Now you’re ready to bring your experience to life following the video resume samples available in the C-Me app.

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