Video Job Posts for the
TikTok generation

Reach new audiences
Appeal to Gen Z

Bring your jobs to life with video

Reach new audiences and excite the TikTok generation with a C-Me video job post. Show candidates why you’re the place to work.

List your job on the UK’s only video job board. Share video job posts on your socials. Reward employees for sharing and referrals.


Top ranking on Google Jobs

C-Me video job posts rank at the top of Google Jobs. Maximise exposure with our AI-powered search algorithms and get more applications. 

Don’t waste money on Indeed when you can easily rank higher on Google Jobs, the world’s biggest job board.

Modernise your hiring for Gen Z

Manage applicants via C-Me’s hiring workflows or route candidates directly to your own job application pages. 

Let candidates show personality with video applications. Message them on WhatsApp. Share notes and ratings with your hiring team.


5X more job post views

Engaged candidates

40%+ Apply rates

Higher quality hires

Why C-Me?

Turning your job post into a video job post is the easiest way to massively move the needle on your hiring results.

How it works


Simple to use

Create a video job post in less than 10 minutes. Modernise your hiring today.


“It took me 10mins to make my Video Job Post and it worked really well on our socials.”

Mark Davenport
Chief Business Development Officer

“When you post on social media its great watching all the shares and views of the video job post.”

Adam Richards
Managing Director

“We used the C-Me Video Job post template and received over 1500 views on Linked In in three days.”

Athar Rana
Head of Adessa, UK
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