Add video to boost social media exposure, engagement and ‘Apply rates’


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Social media loves video. And so does Gen Z. Adding a video to your job post means it will get promoted by social media platforms, increasing its exposure, getting on more people’s social feeds, up to 10 times more! This is the easiest way to get your job post in front of as many job seekers as possible, and quickly.


Gen Z loves video too. A Gen Z job seeker is far more likely to watch a video on social media than read a long text-heavy job description. So it’s win-win. You get more views, more engagement and your ‘Apply rate’ shoots up.

In C-Me >> 70% of candidates that open a video job post will watch the video, giving you the perfect opportunity to pitch your job directly to job seekers.

It’s surprising that the recruitment industry has taken so long to adopt video marketing when it has proven to work so successfully in consumer marketing. But this transition is now fully underway and companies taking the lead on this are reaping the rewards. 

In fact, coupling video job posts with video interviews (Tip 6) not only increases applicant flow but also streamlines your hiring processes, so you get more applicants while reducing costs at the same time.

In C-Me >> Track the performance of your Video Job Post with real-time data on the number of candidates that have opened your job post, watched the video and for how long.


Video Job Posts

When you add a video to a job post you’re converting it into a video job post. These are becoming increasingly popular for all the reasons outlined above, especially in the Retail & Hospitality sectors where competition for talent is becoming fierce.

Converting a traditional job post or job description into a video job post doesn’t take long. You may already have a company video that you could use. If not, then just make a short video about what your company does and why someone would want to work there, with a focus on what matters to Gen Z candidates (Tip 4).


In C-Me >> Convert job posts into video job posts in less than 10 minutes using the C-Me video recording and video animation tools. 

What to include in your video?

According to research from Oberlo, Gen Z has an 8-second attention span. That’s not long, so be sure to grab attention from the start. You don’t need to talk about the responsibilities or requirements of the job as these can still be included in the job description details. Instead, focus on topics that concern Gen Z (see Tip 4).

Keeping the overall video short is important, one or two minutes is long enough. Remember, the main purpose of the video is to excite candidates so they want to find out more. 

Many companies have invested in creating videos to build their employer brand but these videos aren’t getting the exposure (views) they should because they are buried in career pages or on Youtube channels that aren’t being seen. Video job posts are the perfect vehicle to get these videos in front of candidates to showcase your company as a great place to work.

Teleprompting apps

Many people are happy to just record themselves without a script. But for those people who would prefer to follow a script, this is easily addressed by downloading one of the many free teleprompter apps available for iPhone and Android. Scripts can be uploaded or copied into the teleprompting app and the playback speed adjusted to suit your pace. It makes recording your video easy and fun to do.

The great thing about using teleprompter apps is that you can deliver your content naturally and get it right without much practice needed. Viewers will not see your eyes reading the text and your video recording will be high-quality thanks to the quality of the cameras on modern phones. You will look super professional.

In C-Me, we provide a summary of the teleprompting apps that are easy to use and have free plans.

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