How to Post a Job on Google Jobs: Strategy for Enhanced Visibility


Navigating the competitive landscape of online job postings is challenging, especially when aiming to maximise visibility on platforms like Google Jobs. In this comprehensive guide, we explore proven strategies to help your job postings not only appear on Google Jobs but also rank higher.

This guide provides an in-depth look at how to maximise your job postings’ visibility on Google Jobs, with a focus on the UK market. From optimising your job posts with the right keywords to understanding the technical aspects of Google’s ranking system and posting your job to the Google Jobs board. This article aims to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to attract the best talent.

Understanding Google Job Boards and their Impact

Google Jobs has revolutionised the job market by offering a platform that aggregates listings from various sources, making it easier for job seekers to find relevant opportunities. Being visible in the competitive UK job market can determine whether you attract top talent or go unnoticed.

For employers, understanding how to leverage Google Jobs effectively means tapping into a vast pool of potential candidates and significantly improving the recruitment process. This platform has become a must-use tool in hiring strategies as it allows employers getting quality hundreds of applications for free.

Companies can get to the Google Jobs listings either with their career page or with a job posting on a specialised platform. Let’s see how you can use both of them.

Optimising Job Posts for Google Jobs

The key to getting visibility on Google Jobs with your career page lies in how you optimise your job posts. Ensure your job descriptions naturally incorporate the target search terms, including job role and location. Beyond keywords, the quality of the content matters a lot.

A well-written, detailed job description not only engages potential applicants but also signals to Google’s algorithms that your post is relevant and valuable, thereby improving your ranking.

Technical tips to help your job postings rank on Google Jobs

Posting a job on Google Jobs and ranking highly is not just about the content; it’s also about understanding the technical aspects that influence visibility. First of all, your website must be technically optimised for all factors and be compliant with all of Google’s requirements.

Technical search engine optimisation requires implementing structured data correctly to help Google’s algorithms understand and index your job postings effectively. Implementation of the structured data of the job post type in the format is a requirement for Google in order to include your job post in the listing.

Additionally, with the increasing use of mobile devices for job searches, ensuring your postings on your career web page are mobile-friendly is a must-have functionality. It’s also necessary for reaching the widest possible audience and improving your job posts’ visibility on Google Jobs.

Google Jobs posting for your recruitment strategy

Mastering Google Jobs is an essential aspect of a modern recruitment strategy to reach a wider audience, especially for small and medium firms in a competitive market like the UK. By focusing on both content quality and technical optimisation, employers can significantly improve their visibility on this platform.

By focusing on content quality, you significantly improve your visibility and effectiveness with your job posts. Attracting the best talent fitting your company, ultimately will contribute to the success and growth of your organisation. If you’re looking to improve your hiring strategy and attract top talent, consider implementing these tips for your next job posting on Google Jobs.

However, if you lack time to optimise your website for Google Jobs requirements, there is a solution. You can use a job board like C-Me which is already optimised for Google Jobs.

C-Me helps you get job postings on Google Jobs

C-Me not only optimises your job post for Google Jobs but a proprietary ranking algorithm helps your job post to rank as high as possible.

Additionally, C-Me adds another dimension to your recruitment strategy in that you can also turn your traditional text based job post into video job post. Video job posts, with their engaging and dynamic nature, not only rank well in Google Jobs but also strongly appeal to younger job seekers.

Utilising C-Me’s video-first approach on the platform, which is already optimised for Google Jobs, guarantees a higher ranking, ensuring that your organisation stands out and attracts the best early talent. Moreover, the post structure and meta data are generated automatically based on your copy to ensure full compliance with Google’s requirements.

Video job posts help you get visibility and attract the best talent

The significant advantage of using the C-Me video job board is that employers do not have to worry about the full technical optimisation of the career website and the optimisation of the text content and search-related data.

Another major benefit of our video-first hiring platform is that the video post format attracts Early Talent, as Gen Z love video. Video also provides a 5x higher conversion rate and ensures a modern and tech-savvy image for your company.

This combination of traditional hiring strategies and cutting-edge video recruitment techniques positions your company as a forward-thinking employer, ideally placed to capture the attention of top candidates from Gen Z in today’s fast-evolving job market.


  • How often should I update my Google Jobs postings to maintain high visibility?
    • Regular updates are crucial for maintaining visibility on Google Jobs. It’s advisable to review and update your postings every few weeks. This keeps the information current and signals to Google that your post is active, which can have a positive impact on your ranking. We recommend updating any significant changes immediately, such as a change in job responsibilities or qualifications.
  • What are the common mistakes to avoid when posting on Google Jobs?
    • Common mistakes include:
      • Neglecting SEO optimisation: Not using relevant keywords can lower your visibility.
      • Inaccurate Job Descriptions: Vague or misleading job descriptions can lead to poor candidate matches.
      • Lack of Mobile Optimisation: Many users access Google Jobs on mobile devices, so make sure your career pages are mobile-friendly.
      • Incorrectly using structured data for jobs can prevent Google from properly indexing your job postings.
  • Can small businesses effectively compete with larger companies on Google Jobs?
    • Absolutely. Google Jobs levels the playing field by focusing on the relevance and quality of job postings rather than the size of the company. Small businesses can compete effectively by optimising their job postings with relevant keywords, providing detailed and accurate job descriptions, and ensuring their posts are search-optimised.
  • How does the Google Jobs algorithm prioritise job postings?
    • Google Jobs ranks job postings using a variety of criteria. These include the job title and description’s relevance to the search query, the use of keywords, the freshness of the job posting, and the structured data provided. Ensuring that your job postings are up-to-date, relevant, and well-structured will help them rank higher in search results. C-Me technology also includes a ranking algorithm to help your job post perform well on Google Jobs.
  • Are there any costs associated with posting on Google Jobs?
    • A job posting on Google Jobs is free. Google Jobs aggregates listings from various job boards and career sites. However, there may be costs associated with posting on these third-party platforms if you use them for job postings. If you would like to use C-Me to rank your job post on Google Jobs, please sign up or contact us for a demo.
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