Recruitment video to get excellent new hires


Video dominates social media platforms. Video has also been gaining popularity in recruiting. It’s a very effective way of telling your company’s story. 

Nowadays, organisations are using video recruitment to attract the best talent. Hiring videos show up on job search engines and grab the attention of job seekers, encouraging them to apply. 

Depending on the industry and their nature, recruitment videos might require a professional videographer. However, in modern times, a marketing or HR specialist with no advanced specific skills can easily shoot a decent video with a smartphone.

Grab job seekers’ attention with video job description

A nice recruitment video helps a company improve its image. Using a visual and dynamic video job description helps to present your company more attractively. Job seekers can quickly gauge what it would be like to work for your company. 

Candidates want to feel connected to a work environment and their potential managers. Millennials aspire to join a company with good development opportunities for their future, in terms of acquiring experience and progressing along a career path. 

You can display a tech expert, a team manager, and even the CEO, in your recruitment video. It can hugely motivate young talent and help you find great new hires.

Video recruitment to boost marketing campaigns

Recruitment videos will boost your brand’s marketing efforts and bring added value to your company. Remember, a video format is much more shareable on social media. So, a brilliant video about your company will be shared lots of times with no budget spent on  advertising. 

With a sharable employer brand video presentation, thousands of potential new hires will discover you and become interested in the job opportunities at your company. Therefore, employer branding videos should play an important role in your talent acquisition strategy.

How to create a stunning recruitment video? Yes, it’s an art. However, there are a few tips and recruitment video ideas that we share with you below.

Target the right candidates

Think of some categories of job seekers that you need to attract with your video job description. Depending on your open positions and on your target audience, your video should be different. 

Share the most important information about your company

The candidates want to know where the company is located, see the work environment, and perhaps the company’s employees in action. Younger job seekers will also want to hear why your brand is special. 

Show your people in video job description

To describe the career path and position requirements, a really good way is to show an actual employee with the same job title or senior in this position. The people who interview candidates, such as HR specialist, team manager, tech lead, can also be included in the video as well.

Make a difference with other employers

Tell viewers and potential new hires in your video job description how your firm is different, and what makes it stand out from the competition. Feature the leadership, talk about the values of the company and its advantages. Job seekers want to make sure that once they join the company, they will be happy and engaged, and not fall into a mundane routine.

Keep your recruitment video brief

Job seekers might be busy exploring hundreds of opportunities. Don’t waste their time  in a video telling the whole history of the company, the work process in detail, or show things which do not matter to the candidates. Market research shows that short videos are  watched and shared more. 

Include a clear call to action

If a viewer is interested in your position, they must understand how to apply for the job. Forgetting a nice call to action is a missed opportunity. A company recruitment video has to drive applicants to apply. Ensure you include a button clearly showing how to apply or find out more by visiting your career page on your website. 

Promote your recruitment video on social media

Hiring videos should be shown on multiple social media channels, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Based on where the expected audience hangs out online, select the appropriate platform. Explore the possibility to share it on university websites. In your posts encourage employees to share the video as well, in case anyone in their network might be interested. 

Make several hiring videos

Different audiences may like different types of videos. To be more efficient in your hiring campaign, depending on the social media platform and your target viewers, consider creating different versions of company recruitment videos. Keep them short and adapted to the platform and the audience in terms of job type, generation, and interests.

Use recruitment video ideas and tips and get the best hires

Keep in mind that the video is about visual presentation.. Include images of your office / shop / workshop / factory. Feature individuals, including specialists in the same positions, and managers. Don’t forget to keep videos up-to-date, as things might change. Your ultimate goal is to attract talent who will help your company achieve its objectives. Craft a company presentation that will convince your target candidates. Make it easy to apply and share!

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