Video job posts for modern recruitment


Video job posts are hot. Video job posts reach a wider audience and are shared more frequently on social media. They modernize your hiring process, increase your company’s visibility to talent, and automate job search engine listings with a video SEO boost. With C-Me, you can showcase your company and career opportunities in an efficient way.

Video job posts reach more applicants and get more views

Video Job Posts are the future of recruitment. Video Job Posts are more effective than social media job ads alone. They are also a great tool for businesses looking to stand out from the crowd and get an image of a modern and digital brand. They raise your company’s profile and help you hire better candidates faster because they are seen by thousands of people every day. Video job posts help you engage a wider audience and attract more applicants.

Engage a wider audience and generate more applicants

It’s much more engaging to show applicants your brand than to tell them about it. An impressive video job ad brings personality and emotion to your company. A beautiful recruitment video makes your company stand out in the market and makes talent want to be a part of your story. A video that shows the workplace, employees in the same position or department gives an authentic picture of your company’s culture, work environment, people, mission, and core values.

5 times higher ‘apply’ rate

Job postings that include only videos are viewed more often than job postings without videos. Companies get a higher application rate when they add a video to their job posts. Imagine, a video job ad can generate 250% more views and increase engagement rates by 800% over traditional text job ads. According to recent research, you can also expect a 5 times higher application rate.

Connect with and engage a wider audience. Create your first video job post on C-Me. 


Beautiful and customizable job post templates

On C-Me you can use our templates and design beautiful, branded video job posts. In a few clicks, you can upload your logo, customize your colors and fonts, and add custom call to action texts to create the perfect template for your company. You can create your branded theme, which can be used, reused, and tailored for different open positions, and different departments. Our video recruitment software will help you to boost your employer branding to compete and attract and hire the most suitable applicants.

Video and job post in one place

You can host your video on YouTube or Vimeo to add to your job post, or make and store your recruitment video in C-Me. With C-Me, you have everything in one place. You can create a video job post with both a video and a text job description and get a shareable link. With just a few clicks, you can post your job posting on our job board and share it on social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Attract applicants with simple but effective videos 

People often make the mistake of thinking that a video has to be a masterpiece created in a professional studio. It’s been proven that a video job ad does not have to be ideal. In this age of fast information delivery and short, visual releases, your target audience is not looking for a perfect edit. To gain their trust, make it real. Your branded recruitment videos should introduce the people and the work environment and showcase the values and benefits. They should not just show managers reading from well-prepared scripts. 

Generate more applicants. Create your first video job post on C-Me


Video job ads for global talent searches

Whether your company is based in the UK, Germany, the US, or Australia, in today’s world you can recruit in any corner of the globe. Well-designed video job ads with beautiful visual content will attract the attention of talent beyond borders. In times of quarantine, video content that ranks well in search engines can help you find excellent remote employees. 

Appeal to the new generations of talent

Many progressive companies hire the best and freshest candidates, promising graduates from the talent pool. Appealing to the younger generation should also be part of your hiring strategy. You will attract Gen Z/Y talent who have grown up with modern gadgets and are used to exploring visual content on social media. To grab their attention, you need to use a modern format in your communications that they are used to seeing. 


Increase ROI of your HR strategy

Digital video recruiting technology is key to getting the word out about your job openings faster, introducing your company to a larger talent pool. Videos can help recruiters and hiring managers take advantage of the virality of social media. C-Me’s custom video job posts are mobile-ready and have social media sharing features. 

Our video recruiting software helps you improve the ROI of your hiring strategy, reduce the workload for the recruiting team, and lower costs. On C-Me, you’ll find customizable templates that you can tailor to your needs to boost the performance of your recruiting campaign.

The long-term success of any company depends on its capacity to attract and hire the best young talent. Video job posts are an effective way to do this. Video job ads can showcase the story of your company that a simple text cannot. “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

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