How to Apply for NHS Graduate Jobs: A Step-by-Step Guide for Graduates


Navigating the world of graduate employment can be hard, especially in a sector as vital and expansive as healthcare. The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK offers a range of graduate opportunities, known for their comprehensive training and diverse experiences.

Recent graduates eager to embark on a career in healthcare can use this guide, which focuses on the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme and similar programs.

Why choose an NHS graduate role?

The NHS, being one of the largest employers in the UK, presents a unique opportunity for graduates to kickstart their careers in healthcare management. The NHS Graduate Management Trainee Scheme and the NHS Graduate Program aim to develop future leaders in healthcare.

Understanding NHS Graduate Opportunities

NHS Graduate Management Trainee Scheme

This prestigious scheme offers an immersive experience in NHS management, providing a blend of practical work and academic learning. 

It’s an ideal starting point for those interested in healthcare management roles.


NHS Graduate Program

The NHS Graduate Program focuses on providing hands-on experience across different NHS services, offering insights into the operational aspects of healthcare management.

NHS SCW Scheme

NHS SCW is a consultancy, service transformation, and professional support service organisation. They are part of the NHS, supporting the NHS and other health and social sector organisations, and recruit candidates with leadership potential. 

Healthcare Graduate Schemes

Apart from the specific NHS programs, there are various healthcare graduate schemes available that offer similar opportunities in healthcare management and administration.

How to apply

Step 1: Research and Preparation

  • Understand each program: the NHS Graduate Training Scheme, the Graduate Management Scheme, the NHS SCW Scheme and the NHS Management Graduate Scheme.
  • Identify which scheme aligns best with your career goals.

Step 2: Application Process

  • Visit the NHS Jobs website or specific program pages for application details.
  • Prepare a strong CV and cover letter highlighting relevant experiences and skills.

Step 3: The Selection Process

  • Prepare for assessments, which may involve online tests, interviews, and assessment centers.
  • Showcase your understanding of NHS values and your motivation for a career in healthcare.

Tips for success

  • Network: Connect with current trainees or alumni for insights.
  • Stay Informed: Keep reading about the latest NHS developments and healthcare trends.
  • Reflect: Be able to explain your motivation for choosing a career in the NHS.

The NHS: A Gateway to a Fulfilling Career for Young Graduates

For young people, particularly those from Generation Z, starting a career in an esteemed and impactful organization like the NHS can be both fulfilling and promising. 

The NHS offers a unique blend of professional development, diverse experiences, and the satisfaction of contributing to public health.

Embracing modern application methods

Generation Z, known for its tech savvy and preference for digital communication, can find the NHS’s adoption of modern application approaches particularly appealing. 

Video formats, whether in CVs or job postings, align well with the preferences of new generations, offering a more dynamic and personal way to connect with future employers.

Innovating Your Application with Video CVs on

Video CVs on platforms like represent a significant shift from traditional application methods. They provide a unique opportunity for candidates to express their personality, communication skills, and enthusiasm in a way that written CVs cannot.

Young graduates can leverage innovative platforms like to create engaging video CVs. This approach not only showcases your personality and communication skills but also demonstrates your tech savvy and creativity.


Why Video CVs and Job Posts Appeal to Generation Z

  • Personalisation: Video CVs allow applicants to showcase their individuality and creativity.
  • Engagement: Videos are more engaging and can capture the attention of recruiters more effectively.
  • Convenience: Generation Z values convenience and efficiency, which video formats provide.
  • Visual form: Gen Z people value a short video format as they are used to it in everyday life since they were kids. 

Using C-Me’s Video Job Board for NHS Roles’s video job board is an innovative platform where graduates can find video job posts for NHS roles. This format gives a clearer and more engaging view of what the roles entail, appealing directly to the visual and interactive preferences of Generation Z applicants. also features video job posts for NHS graduate roles. This board allows applicants to get a real feel for the roles and teams they might be joining.

Visit to view open NHS grad roles in your area.

Start your NHS journey 

Embarking on an NHS graduate job is the first step towards a successful  career in healthcare management. By dedicating yourself to research and approaching the application process with the right mindset, you can successfully navigate it and become part of a community committed to making a difference in people’s lives.

Ready to start your journey with the NHS? Visit the NHS Careers website today to find out more about the available graduate schemes and how to apply.

FAQ on NHS graduate jobs

Q1: What qualifications do I need to apply for NHS graduate schemes?

A1: Most schemes require at least a 2:2 degree, but check specific program requirements as they can vary.

Q2: How competitive are the NHS graduate schemes?

A2: These schemes are highly competitive due to the quality of training and career prospects they offer. Early preparation is key.

Q3: Can I apply if I’m a graduate of a non-health-related degree?

A3: Absolutely! NHS graduate schemes value diversity in academic backgrounds.

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