Tips for Hiring Early Talent for Summer Activity Camps


Navigating the summer camp hiring landscape

February marks the start of the search for summer workers—typically students or graduates (Gen Z)—for summer camps. The competition for roles like sports coaches, activity leaguers and event managers intensifies quickly as the new year gets underway, emphasising the need for prompt action. In a crowded hiring space, standing out is important.

By using video job posts employers can stand out from the crowd, to attract and hire the best talent. This approach resonates with the enthusiasm of Gen Z and ensures your camp attracts the kind of spirited, quick-learning students essential for a vibrant team.

Strategic timing for optimal staffing

Refine your summer camp recruitment strategy by launching hiring campaigns earlier, deviating from the conventional spring timeline. This early initiative allows you to hire a summer camp team that aligns seamlessly with your camp’s atmosphere.

Compensation and beyond: a holistic summer camp recruitment experience

Summer activity camp jobs offer not just a source of income but a great holiday experience for students too. With a diverse range of positions suited to various skill sets, whether collaborative team roles or leadership positions like activity leader or event manager, there’s a perfect match for everyone. 

Compensation varies by role, averaging between 500 and 600 pounds per week. But beyond the financial incentives, participating in summer camp work provides students with opportunities to expand networks, form lasting friendships, develop leadership skills, and, most importantly, enhance their CVs with valuable experiences.

Conventional summer camp hiring

In the current landscape of summer camp hiring, companies typically resort to traditional job boards and job fairs. These methods can quickly become expensive and have the potential to fall short of desired results, especially given the competition from other camps.

Furthermore, such methods don’t align with the preferences of modern, tech-savvy Gen Z audiences. As the effectiveness of these traditional channels diminishes, there is a pressing need for more innovative and impactful summer camp recruitment strategies to engage a contemporary workforce.

Why use a video job post to attract young talent for summer camps jobs?

Recognizing the importance of staying in tune with digital trends, its worth adopting more inventive hiring practices to set you apart in your summer camp recruitment. Video job posts elevate the summer camp hiring experience to a new level. With higher engagement and Apply rates exceeding 50%, they can create a steady flow of applicants for summer camps.

Why C-Me video job posts for summer camps hiring

C-Me’s video job posts secure top-ranking positions on Google Jobs, enhancing visibility and outreach. Our platform is fueled by advanced search algorithms and ensures a high number of quality applications. Intrigued by this transformative approach?

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with our video job post experts and dive deeper into the future of hiring with C-Me.

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