Best recruitment practices to hire Gen Z talent


In the digital age, engaging Gen Z requires a fresh approach to recruitment, including modernising job fairs with digital strategies. Discover in this article how tools like C-Me can revolutionise your hiring process, blending the best of digital and in-person interactions to appeal to tech-savvy candidates. We share actionable insights and innovative solutions that align with Gen Z’s expectations.

As technology advances, best recruitment practices have to adapt to keep pace, especially when hiring Early Talent. Gen Z, seamlessly integrated into their digital worlds through platforms like TikTok and Instagram for hours daily, seeks fresh, digital-oriented experiences.

Are traditional job fairs relevant for Gen Z? What’s the best way to connect with this demographic? Let’s delve into these topics and look at ways to enhance conventional job fair approaches to engage these tech-savvy individuals.

Are traditional job fairs still effective for hiring Gen Z?

While job fairs continue to hold significance in recruitment, they’re becoming increasingly misaligned with the behaviours of Gen Z job seekers. 

These events often require considerable investment in terms of time and resources. And yet, they may not resonate with a demographic that values digital experiences over in-person interactions. 

Integrating digital elements is essential to capturing Gen Z’s attention. More on this best practice for recruitment of Early Talent below.

Gen Z is digital and has different expectations

Gen Z’s digital fluency extends into their job search behaviours. Preferring to navigate opportunities via mobile devices, they favour recruitment methods that offer speed and convenience. 

Compared to older demographics, Gen Z is more inclined to watch a video job post and apply with video. They want to be able to apply for jobs 24/7 and expect quick responses, meeting their expectations for immediacy and flexibility.

Hybrid Job Fair Strategies to Engage Gen Z

By merging digital and in-person events to create a recruitment experience that resonates with this tech-savvy generation, employers can more effectively capture Gen Z’s attention.

By harmonising online and offline channels, companies can reach potential candidates where they feel most comfortable. You could do this by creating a brief video that summarises your mission, culture, and opportunities, delivering the same information as company representatives at a job fair stand.

The digital pitch could be showcased at job fair events on screens or laptops, as well as on the company website for people who couldn’t make it, facilitating a seamless blend of information and interaction that appeals directly to digital natives. 

This approach greatly reduces the need for extensive human resources, making it innovative and efficient. You should integrate it in your best practices list for hiring young talent.

Best hiring practices for efficient investment in recruiting

To maximise job-fair investment and effectively capture Gen Z’s interest, adopting innovative strategies is crucial. With C-Me, employers can create engaging video job posts that significantly extend the reach beyond traditional job fair boundaries. Video job postings offer a vibrant and interactive way to present a company to potential candidates.

In just 10 minutes, C-Me provides a quick and impactful way to animate job posts. This not only invigorates job opportunities but also simplifies the recruitment process, ensuring you connect with Gen Z on their terms. 

Enabling candidates to submit video applications deepens engagement and provides unique insights into their personalities and skill sets, which traditional resumes can’t offer.

Continuous online presence

This strategy ensures your company maintains a continuous online presence, with video job postings accessible at any hour. Thanks to free Google traffic, expect video job posts to receive significant attention, potentially drawing at least 200 views each month.

Incorporating QR codes on a job fair table enhances the experience, allowing attendees to quickly access additional information about the company even when direct interactions aren’t possible.

Show off your inventiveness with C-Me

Blending digital and physical experiences showcases your company as an innovative and appealing employer, expanding your visibility among the energetic and digitally adept Gen Z audience.

With C-Me, you’re not just participating in job fairs; you’re redefining engagement with candidates, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

To learn more about the benefits of video job postings, book a demo. We can talk more about how you can integrate video job postings into your hiring strategies. 

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