CMe Jobs launched, video job boards in Brighton, UK


Are you looking for jobs in Brighton and the UK? Then you’ve come to the right place. CMe has launched a video job board where companies post vacancies with a video so that job seekers can see what it’s like to work there at

Our job board now promotes jobs in the Brighton area so that employers can attract talented individuals to help grow their company. In a few months we will be extending our job boards to other cities in the UK, and then further down the line into other countries.

CMe Jobs: a visual job board with video job posts

CMe Jobs is a video hiring platform with added job boards that include video job posts, connecting employers and job seekers quickly and effectively. The job portal comprises a wide range of features for both job seekers and employers. 

For example, talent can record a video CV on the platform for free, practice for their interviews, and benefit from tips and advice in our blogs on how to prepare for a job interview and how to answer the most frequently asked  interview questions.

CMe video hiring platform

Now, on the CMe Jobs platform, you will find jobs advertised in Brighton, UK, for some of the UK’s most exciting companies. Job seekers can watch video job posts as well as see the job descriptions of vacant positions.

CMe Jobs makes applying and hiring easier and faster

The CMe job portal helps talent and companies improve and innovate the application and hiring processes. CMe Jobs provides video recruitment software that makes hiring and applying easier, faster, and more convenient. 

Using the CMe job board, you’ll find local companies advertising some of the best jobs on offer in less time and with less effort. With our recruiting software, employers create engaging visual job postings that show what it’s like working in the company. 

Candidates can watch how it looks to work in the company

Businesses record and post hiring videos that showcase their company and vacant positions in a modern and engaging way. All of the jobs posted are available on the job board. With CMe Jobs, local businesses can create job posts for free and share them with job seekers on the portal.

Job boards per sector or industry

To make searching for a new job opportunity easier, we provide job boards dedicated to the most frequently searched sectors. Our initial focus is Retail and Hospitality which includes, for example, chef jobs, barista jobs, hotel jobs, restaurant jobs, and more.

CMe video resume builder to make impressive CVs

In addition, the CMe platform offers job seekers a video CV builder. This fascinating feature helps talent create a stunning, impressive, and modern CV recording a video in the app. 

Younger job seekers, particularly Gen Z talent, tend to be at ease with videos and posting on social media platforms. So, if you’re from Generation Z, you’ll love our video recruitment platform and embedded job boards. But even those who have no experience at all with filming or recording videos will find it straightforward. 

The best way to grab the attention of recruiters and employers is to send an application with a video resume. The video perfectly complements a text CV, helps you stand out, so you get the job you really want.

CMe Jobs helps people get closer to their dream job

With C-Me, you can create your video application in minutes. The visual resume video lets you capture your skills, experience, education and achievements, whilst displaying your personality. 

Our innovative job portal has tutorials and sample visual CVs to help you create a professional-looking video resume. In CMe, you can also request feedback from friends and colleagues as well as asking for feedback from the CMe video CV experts to help increase your chances with recruiters who value visual and modern resumes over traditional ones. 

Candidates can also create a video application while applying for a vacant position. Once you find an opportunity on the Brighton job board, you just need to click ‘apply,’ fill in your profile data, add your experience or upload a text resume, and then record a video and submit your application. 

Watch videos, find your dream job, and apply

CMe Jobs is the best way for employers and candidates in Brighton, UK to find each other online. At CMe, job seekers can look into niche boards that cater to specific industries and jobs filtered by your preferences.

And most importantly, before applying, you can watch online what the role represents and see what the office, hotel, or restaurant looks like inside. Our platform features a wide range of resources for job seekers to help them get hired into the job they want.

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