Don’t ghost your Gen Z applicants


This article is part of our e-Book “7 Tips for Attracting & Hiring Gen Z”.

Gen Z are used to the rapid response of social networking and instant messaging and expect to quickly hear back on the outcome of their application. 

Regardless of whether you want to interview or reject a candidate, let them know as soon as possible. The one thing that Gen Z really doesn’t like is being ghosted, which often happens when there are high volumes of applicants.


Companies that ghost applicants risk being criticised on their social media accounts, or on sites such as Glassdoor where employer reputations can be damaged.

The best way to stop this from happening is by automating the rejection communication so candidates are immediately notified if they have not been successful for the role or position. This can be a standard message. What’s important is that it is sent quickly.


In C-Me >> When you reject applicants you are prompted to send a rejection message with a standard text that you set in your default settings which you can also change at the time of sending. The message is pre-filled with the name of the applicant, job title and the hiring manager’s name for you to minimise errors.

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