Keep the application process simple and let Gen Z apply with video


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Ok, let’s say you’ve created a video job post and shared it on social media, it’s listed on GoogleJobs, and people are applying. Fantastic! 

Keep your application process as simple and straightforward as possible, with minimal sign up needed if any before the application is submitted. Let Gen Z candidates apply with video. They are comfortable recording themselves and see video as a way of adding personality to their skills and experience.

Virtual interviews (or video interviews) are becoming increasingly popular with employers too, which isn’t surprising when you consider the benefits. For customer-facing roles in retail and hospitality, where personality is an important factor, video interviews are helpful and beneficial.


Benefits for employers using Video Interviews

Companies are able to ‘virtually’ interview lots of candidates, create stronger shortlists and so hire the best person for the job. With video interviews, companies get a better sense of which candidates would be best to invite to the next stage of the hiring process, thereby improving hiring success. Employers can set a question to answer in the virtual interview to help make comparing candidates easier. 

With video interviews, companies speed up the hiring process as there is no time lost through interview scheduling and travel arrangements. Organisations can fill roles in just a few days where before this would have taken weeks. Reducing the time to fill has a huge benefit for the Retail and Hospitality industry.

In C-Me >> Employers can choose whether they want candidates to record a video interview as part of their application and set a question for them to answer.

In using video interviewing software, employers are demonstrating a modern approach to hiring which reflects well on their employer brand. Modern technology is something that Gen Z candidates regard as important (see Tip 4).

When choosing which new hiring software, the ability to conduct video interviews should feature highly.

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