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This article is part of our e-Book “7 Tips for Attracting & Hiring Gen Z”.

Your job posts need to look good. This may sound obvious, but if you look at a typical job post it isn’t very enticing.

A traditional job post assumes a job seeker is: browsing job boards on a computer, happily reading lots of text, doesn’t need to know much about your company, and isn’t put off by twenty or so ‘must have’ requirements. 

Let’s look at this with Gen Z in mind

Gen Z job seekers aren’t on computers, they’re on their phones, scrolling through enticing social media content, watching videos, not reading pages of text. Gen Z doesn’t just want to know what your company does, they want to know what your company stands for (Tip 4). And do all twenty requirements really need to be asked when you are still trying to encourage the candidate to apply?

In the last few years, the traditional job post has become outdated in terms of style, structure and format that it is no longer engaging younger job seekers. It’s completely unsuitable for sharing on social media and mobile devices which is where your target audience is hanging out.

Make sure your job posts look good

Your job post needs to grab the attention of someone scrolling through their social feeds. It needs to look good when opened and it should be colourful because black and white text is not going to grab much attention. We recommend including video content because video drives engagement (we talk more about this in Tip 3). Your job post should also have a clear ‘Apply’ call to action button visible at all times.



In C-Me >>> Video Job Posts are designed to look good on both computers and phones. Job information is clearly displayed along with your company branding, an animated video, and a clear ‘Apply’ button is displayed at all times.

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