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GoogleJobs is fast becoming the go-to search engine for jobs. Type in the name of any job position into Google and you’ll see a list of jobs displayed. It’s usually the first search result after the ads at the top of the page. It looks like this:


Jobs in your area are shown first, but click the link and type in any location, job title or company name to display advertised. Given Google’s search power it makes total sense to get your job listed here.

Listing your jobs on GoogleJobs

The tricky thing is that you can’t just post your job. GoogleJobs is a search engine, not a job board. Google crawls the web, collecting and listing all the jobs it finds on job boards and career pages (this is why you will see jobs listed multiple times).

To get your job listed on GoogleJobs you need to either (a) structure the jobs on your own careers page in such a way that Google can understand them, or (b) publish your job on a platform that does this for you.


Structure the jobs on your careers page

You need a dedicated page on your website where you can list your job opportunities. Google provides a technical guide to structuring and indexing your data (see the reference at the end of this document). The guide gets pretty technical running to more than thirty pages covering how every bit of data should be specified and marked up, including job title, company name, location, description, salary, type of work etc. 

You are actually entering into the world of google indexing and if this isn’t your specialist area then you are most likely going to need some technical support. Apart from the technical skills and effort required to do this, the other issue is that if any of the information isn’t specified correctly, it will result in your job not being listed.

Posting your job on a platform that does all this for you

The good news is that modern hiring software like C-Me, and large job sites such as Monster, Glassdoor and LinkedIn do this automatically for you so you don’t have to worry. The data required by Google is structured and marked up for you in a data schema and then indexed with Google so that within 24 hours your job will show up on GoogleJobs.

In C-Me >> As soon as you publish a job, it is automatically indexed with Google so that it appears on GoogleJobs without you needing to do anything.

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