Helping employers bring their jobs to life with video

With C-Me employers can share Video Jobs Posts that stand out on social media and appeal to Gen Z & Y job seekers. Employers can also save time interviewing with Video Applications, letting Job Seekers show their personality as well as their skills and experience. Our blogs include articles across these two core uses of video in hiring, as well as other trending topics in digital recruitment.


Applicant Dashboard

The Applicant Dashboard is where you manage applicants through a hiring workflow, share notes with team members, and rate your applicants. Watch this onboarding video to learn how you can save time

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Create your Job

See how to create a job and add your animated video to turn it into a Video Job Post that will engage your audience and increase our application flow. After

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Animate your Video

Learn how to use the C-Me Animation tool to combine videos and animate them with your own branding and custom texts. Create a video for your video job post from

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Record your Video

See how easy it is in C-Me to record videos that market your job. Use the guided prompts to help you pitch your company and job opportunity, or just record

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Orientation & Set-up

Get orientated and set up your account in C-Me, the Video First Hiring platform. This onboarding video explains how C-Me boosts the exposure of your job posts with video and

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