Video resume tips: What to say in your video CV


Your video CV is the first impression with potential employers and recruiters. First impressions last. 

A video CV introduction provides employers with a snapshot of your confidence and communication skills. Based on this they will decide whether to find out more about you. 

That is why it is crucial to know how to write a video resume. 

What do you say in a video resume?

Before going into what to say in your Video CV, let’s talk briefly about what you should not say. 

A Video CV is NOT a reading of your paper CV. Viewers can read your paper CV themselves if they want to, much faster.  

The sole objective of your video resume is to get the viewer to want to find out more about you, by downloading your paper CV, or arranging an online interview with you.

Your Video CV is more like a cover letter, headlines for a news article, a trailer for a film. Іf you are wondering how to make a good video resume, keep reading. 

What you need to know about a video introduction for a job?

The first words that you say in your video are as important as your experience and skills. 

 According to the research, public speakers only have 15 seconds to get the attention of their audience. With virtual presentations, you have even less time. 

So when writing a video resume script, you need to consider the basic techniques of making a top-notch intro in a video CV to help you succeed. 

Appearance, articulation and body-language are the basics of making a positive first impression. So pay attention to these in your introduction to get the attention of your audience.

How to do a video resume: time?

Know that your viewer is busy. Assume your viewer’s attention span is short, and be respectful of their time.

Aim for about 45 seconds when writing your creative video resume script, and you will be in the right timing. Anything over a minute and a half and you risk losing your viewer’s attention.

You might be surprised, but even 30 seconds is enough time to say what employers and recruiters need to hear to decide if you are worth interviewing, or at least reading your CV.

How to write a script for a video resume: plan

First of all, create a script for your video CV. What is a video resume script? It’s text that will help you know what to say in a video resume while recording. 

So, how to write a video resume script? 

There is no exact formula for an ideal sample script of a video resume. You just need to get enough information across in a short space of time for your viewer to want to find out more. 

There are four types of information to include in your video resume script:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do (and what is your relevant experience)
  3. Why you are a good hire 
  4. Wrap up with a closing statement.

Who you are: how to introduce yourself in a video interview?

Say Hello, Hi, Howdy, or whatever is appropriate for your industry. Then tell viewers your name and role. The video resume introduction script section should be somewhere between five and ten seconds long. 

It’s not long, but in that short space of time, your viewer will have found out some crucial information and, most importantly, they will also have seen you and heard you. Body language comes into play as well. Based on these first few seconds, recruiters are going to decide whether to continue watching or not.

Try out a few different options for your video resume introduction script. 

If your Video CV is for a specific company, then consider referencing the person’s name you are sending it to, so they feel personally engaged with. That can make a big difference in getting people’s attention to keep them watching.

What you do: what is your relevant experience

Go into a bit more detail about what exactly you do. Aim to spend between 15 and 30 seconds on this.

Here are some ideas for a personal video resume: 

  • Outline your primary responsibilities. Focus on your achievements, especially where these have had clear benefits for your employer. 
  • If you have monthly targets or goals, then maybe refer to these. Your performance appraisal could have something worth referring to, or any company initiatives you were involved in. 
  • Look at your achievements through the lens of an employer because that will resonate better with your viewers.

For example, let’s say you are an Accounts Clerk and you played an important role in a new initiative to reduce the time taken by customers to pay their bills. You could say something like…

“I recently championed a new customer payment initiative for the company that saw overdue debts reduced by 50%.” 

That tells viewers that you took responsibility, you helped implement a new company policy, and you improved the company’s cash flow.

Your viewers might also be interested in finding out exactly how you did that. You have created a hook for your viewers to latch on to.

Why you’re a good hire

This is where you need to get specific as to what, and how, you think your strengths, skills and experience will help the organisation you join. 

Persuade recruiters that they should seriously consider you for that role. It’s all about helping them reason with themselves that they should find out more about you, and connect. 

Aim for about 15 to 30 seconds, but keep in mind how long you spent on the previous section so as not to speak for too long overall.

If you are applying to a particular company with your Video CV, then be very specific. You might want to refer to something you have seen in the news about them, so they know you have done your research. You should then relate your experience and achievements to this. 

Wrap up

Ok, you are pretty much done. A good script for a video resume should end with a positive and professional wrap-up. Main things to say in a video resume wrap-up: 

  • Say that you wish to be considered for the role; and
  • That you hope to hear from them soon (or words to that effect).

Don’t forget to let people know that they can easily ‘connect’ with you through the C-Me platform!

Where to get creative video resume ideas 

Avoid sounding boring. Maybe look for a good video resume script example online, recall a movie or a book where a process of interview is described, and if you like it, borrow an idea. 

How do I make a video resume script sound professional?

Suppose you are sending your Video CV to a few different organisations in the same business sector. Here, you could refer to something relevant in the industry. This tells employers that you take an interest in the sector that you work in.

If none of the above applies, then you could demonstrate that you know how the job is best performed, and why your strengths and experience make you an ideal candidate for the job. 

30 second video resume script samples

Retail Assistant

Let’s say you are a retail clothing assistant and you see that a large chain is about to launch a new range. You might say something like…

“Hi, I’m Claire Evans, a clothing assistant at Rosie’s Fashion, a boutique shop in the West End. I read that you are releasing a brand new range, and I am eager to be part of your team. I have spent the last 5 years selling clothes for Rosie’s Fashion, and my experience selling to young women would translate well to your brand.  

I believe in Customer service, it is so visible nowadays. My employment at Rosie’s Fashions, where we have more than 1,000 five-star reviews, has given me a solid foundation in engaging customers, not only on our social media platforms but in person. Could we connect? Thanks for watching, contact me via email [email protected].” 

Marketing Manager

If you are still wondering what to say in a resume video introduction, you could use some humor to get started. This is a video CV sample script for a candidate who worked in a famous company that had some notable campaigns: 

“Hi, I am Ann Palmer. And.. I’m a workaholic. I don’t know where it started, but my parents say they first spotted it when I got my first job at PwC as a marketing intern 15 years ago during my junior year at Michigan State University. 

After getting an MA in Business Administration, I worked at PwC as a marketing manager, moving up the career ladder to the Director of marketing in 4 years. Have you heard of the “Rolling irons award” or “Hopping like crazy”? 

I’m in love with marketing. Making a difference, exploring people’s interests, spreading the word, and improving experiences are what I do. And I’d love to do that for [your company]. Let’s connect.” 

Senior Engineer

If you are a programmer looking for a remote senior engineer position, then your video resume script could look like this:

“Hi, I am Will Maguire, and I am a senior engineer with 5 years of development experience. After graduating from Boston State University I became a certified JavaScript developer and have worked on some big projects like PayPal’s external payment system, Loreal’s online customer service app, and many more. I am one of those people who always goes the extra mile. I have worn many hats as a full stack developer. On the backend, I use Python, Ruby on Rails, and PHP. On the frontend, I code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and its frameworks. In my free time, I enjoy blogging on emerging programming technologies, traveling, and hiking. At the current stage of my career, I’m looking into new opportunities with a company that could challenge my tech expertise. Thanks for watching.”

Practice your video resume content ideas

The main challenge with a Video CV is being able to speak without reading a script. So it’s not only about how to make a video resume script but about how to say it. Practicing and practicing again helps a lot.

However, with video editing tools you can create a video intro from a series of short segments. In the same way, you can make your video CV from a collection of smaller pieces. 

This makes it much easier to remember what you want to say, and less hassle if you mess up as you only need to re-record one section. Just be sure to stay in the same place so the end result looks smooth.

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