Video Job Postings in the UK. Where jobs come to life with video. Promote your business and jobs and get more applicants.

Video Job Postings in the UK

Promote your business and jobs for free on UK’s Video Job Board.

Jobs also listed on Google Jobs. Bring your jobs to life with video and get more applicants.


Attract Gen Z
on Social Media

Jobs marketed to local job seekers through social media advertising campaigns.

Attract Gen Z to apply to your jobs via Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Save Time with
Video Interviews

Let candidates add personality to their experience with a video application.

Save time and fill roles faster with video interviews.  


Simple & Effective


“It took me 10mins to make my Video Job Post and it worked really well on our socials.”

Mark Davenport
Chief Business Development Officer

“When you post on social media its great watching all the shares and views of the video job post.”

Adam Richards
Managing Director

“We used the C-Me Video Job post template and received over 1500 views on Linked In in three days.”

Athar Rana
Head of Adessa, UK

Video Job Board in the UK

Organisations around the world use C-Me to bring their jobs to life with video to fill roles faster. We’ve launched the UK’s first Video Job Board here in Brighton because its where C-Me began.

How it works

Book your free promo-reel
Your job is published


You receive applications
"We got over 1500 views on LinkedIn in just 3 days"
Athar Rana
Head of Adessa, UK

Get a premium listing on Brighton's only Video Job Board for free

Get your job in front of 10X more job seekers on social media

70% candidates will watch the video of you promoting your business and job

Fill roles faster and save time hiring with video applications that add personality

Why use C-Me?

We help business owners and managers promote their jobs in person to local job seekers everyday.

Sign-up and get listed on Video Job Board

  • FREE promo reel & job listings* for Brighton businesses
  • Jobs promoted for free to 1000’s of job seekers
  • Automatic listing on Google Jobs
  • Share Video Job Posts to your own social channels
  • Choose whether candidates apply by video
  • Share notes & ratings with your team, manage applicants in a hiring workflow
      * 3 months free job listings

    C-Me Video Job Board

    Using C-Me businesses create video job posts that reach 10X more job seekers on social media. Video job posts receive huge candidate engagement.

    More than 70% of candidates will watch the video in your video job post. This huge increase in exposure, reach and engagement increases applicant flow so you fill roles faster.

    A video job post can be made in under 10 minutes in C-Me. Create your recruitment video in our virtual studio. Simply record one or two short videos following our content prompts, and then animate them with your branding and custom texts.

    Video job posts let founders, execs and hiring managers promote the company. Include a segment where current employees discuss the benefits of working at your company.

    Employee-generated content is proven to engage potential employees. Our content prompts also help you focus on what matters to Gen Z job seekers.

    Add a video interview to your job. Gen Z job seekers are comfortable recording videos and this lets them add personality to their experience. They will also perceive your brand to be modern and tech-savvy. Video interviews, or virtual interviews as they are sometimes called, save you time as you can quickly focus in on the right candidates to invite to a face to face interview. They also reduce the time to fill your roles by removing scheduling issues and travel logistics.

    C-Me Video First Hiring is perfect for hiring all types of hospitality roles including: Chefs & Kitchen Assistants, Bartenders & Waitstaff, Hotel & Restaurant Managers, Front Desk & Guest Services Personnel, Event Managers, Catering staff, Porters & Cleaners.

    Bring your job to life with video with C-Me to fill your hospitality roles faster.
    Applicants to a C-Me job can be redirected straight to your own hiring system (ATS) or managed in C-Me. When managing applicants in C-Me you can ask candidates to submit a pre-recorded video interview.

    This lets candidates add personality to their applications, and employers can more easily shortlist the right candidates for the job.

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