C-Me Video-First Hiring Platform


Video First Hiring

Reach 10X more job seekers and streamline your hiring

10X More Views

Video Job Posts get 10X more views on social media and appeal to Gen Z. Bring your jobs to life with video. 


70% Engagement

Pitch your company and job through a Video Job Post. Seven out of ten candidates will watch the video.  

Fill roles faster

Save time with video interviews and let candidates add personality to their experience. Build stronger shortlists. 


How it works


Get your job in front of 10X more job seekers on social media

Show candidates why your company is awesome with video content

70% candidate engagement using Video Job Posts

Save time and fill roles faster with video interviews

Why use C-Me?

C-Me Video Job Posts put business owners, execs and hiring managers in front of candidates everyday.

Simple & Effective


“It took me 10mins to make my Video Job Post and it worked really well on our socials.”

Mark Davenport
Chief Business Development Officer

“When you post on social media its great watching all the shares and views of the video job post.”

Adam Richards
Managing Director

“We used the C-Me Video Job post template and received over 1500 views on Linked In in three days.”

Athar Rana
Head of Adessa, UK
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